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The AICROD wind turbine is a wind energy system that is ideally suited to inland sites. It is designed specifically for feeding power into the grid and for charging batteries (24 V / 48 V etc.).

Thanks to its extremely robust and well thought-out design, the AICROD wind turbine system is also suitable for stormy regions with different optional repeller diameters (2.30 – 6.50 m).

The hand-laminated repeller blades benefit from a computer-designed aerodynamic profile. Needless to say, each blade is statically and dynamically balanced, carries an identification number and comes with relevant documentation.

Small wind energy systems for parallel, grid-connected operation, charging batteries or supporting heating systems. AICROD wind turbines for domestic use are also known as micro wind turbine. The wind turbines are of different sizes and classifications. The sizes range from small wind turbines in wind farms (up to 1.5 kW) to home wind turbines (up to 6.5 kW). The turbines are of high quality, and fabricated in Germany.

Aicrod small wind turbines and the smart! wind converters build a perfect symbiosis

The feed-in converter smart! wind was designed by SPE especially for small wind turbines (SWT) with a power range from 5.5 to 20 kW. Besides the control functions for a SWT the smart !wind provides several protective functions supporting a safe operation of your SWT. Our feed-in converter is available in the following power classes: SW-5.5 (new), SW-7.5 and SW-10. Click here to see wind turbines and the smart! wind converters setup.

Energy provider will be happy about the smart!wind because it holds an entire 3-phase grid coupling with 10 kW andintegrated automatical switch (ENS) to disconnect from the mains after VDE-AR-N 4150. As standard the smart!windprovides system services, so as for example an reactive power control, usually only known from the large wind power plant industry.

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