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This is a new project which is presently under construction. The Floating Hospital will provide exceptional and compassionate healthcare to diverse and underserved communities of the Niger-Delta region in Nigeria. We believe that everyone, regardless of circumstance and economic status, deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life.

The Floating Hospital can be constructed to our clients specification through our partner TLC Marine Services.


Medical Options

All of them can be configured specifying the following options:

  • Women‘s Health (Mother & Child)
  • Dental & Primary Healthcare
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Community Health Clinic & Blood Donation
  • Diagnostic & Screening.

Technical Options

We can fit the following accessories to the vehicle as you may require:

  • Air conditioning
  • Telecommunication antenna
  • Telemedicine equipment etc.
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Mobile Hospital Medical Options


We are specialized in manufacturing medical vehicles for social purposes. The design gives priority to understanding the social function they are expected to accomplish..

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