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Nollywood veteran, Tunde Alabi’s leg didn’t have to be amputated

There is a solution to that Diabetes wound

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No matter how small or superficial a wound is, you should not ignore it if you have diabetes. If you stub your toe, get a blister from tight shoes, or nick your chin while shaving, you probably give it little thought. But if you have diabetes, you should seek proper treatment.
Knowing how to treat minor wounds will help you avoid infection and speed healing.

Why Diabetic Wounds Can Cause Problems

Person taking Diabetes Risk TestDiabetes is a chronic disease where your body can't use glucose, or sugar, the way it should. It can cause several complications, including some that make it harder for wounds to heal. These include:

  • Nerve damage (neuropathy). When you have neuropathy, you may not feel the pain of a cut or blister until it has grown worse or become infected.
  • Weakened immune system. When the body's natural defences are down, even a minor wound may become infected.
  • Narrow arteries. People with clogged arteries in their legs are more likely to develop wounds, have severe wound infections, and have problems healing. Narrowed arteries makes it harder for blood to get to the wound. Blood flow promotes healing, so anything that blocks it can make wounds more likely to become infected.

Foot Wounds Are Dangerous

Feet and ankles are particularly vulnerable to diabetic wound problems. Wound healing below the knee is a different dynamic than in other parts of the body. These areas are prone to swelling, which can inhibit healing. Also, if you have a wound on your arm, you can immobilize it. This is much harder with a foot wound. These combined can lead to an increased risk of ulcers (open sores) and can lead to infections. Along with loss of feeling in their feet, many people with diabetes also have vision problems. So, they may neither feel nor see a small wound until it becomes serious, says Snyder.Image result for images for diabetes wounds
A wound that becomes serious may do more than cause pain and inconvenience. It may cause so much damage to tissue and bone that amputation becomes the only option.

There is a Solution!

Research shows that an ulcer precedes most lower limb amputations in people with diabetes. That's why it's so important to care for a wound before it becomes serious – with Anolyte Cleaning Solution.

Anolyte Cleaning Solution

Electrolyzed water systems are relatively a new technology. These systems generate two streams simultaneously. One is alkaline and has the main characteristics of cleaning solutions, whereas the other is acidic stream and has the characteristics of sanitising solutions. The effectiveness of these solutions for their intended use has been evaluated by researchers such as Ali Demirci, an Associate Professor at the Penn State University and as a part of performance monitoring by their users. The outcomes of these studies show that our product, Anolyte Cleaning Solution, currently in the Nigerian market has good potential as a replacement for packaged cleaning and sanitising products. The Russians and Japanese have been using this solution for over 40 years.

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Clinical Experience @ Echos Private Hospital, Benin City, Edo State-Nigeria

A New, Stable, Super-Oxidized Water in Wound Treatment.
Below are before and after pictures a patient at Echos Private Hospital, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Clinically, Doctors had concluded on the amputation of the infected foot, as the only option to save the life of the patient, before we were informed of the case.  Our Medical Consultants in Nigeria, Dr Mike and Dr Ijeduma contacted Dr Obazee, the Chief Medical Director of Echos Hospital on the use of Anolyte Solution and its efficacy in arresting and combating the ravaging effect of the diabetic foot ulcer, which by the way, had made the said patient run away from the hospital to avoid amputation. The Patient was convinced to return and try the new alternative and, within 24 hours of applying Anolyte Solution, the offensive odour  in room was totally eliminated and after 80 days of using Anolyte Solution a skin graft was conducted.


Together, Let’s Stop Needless Amputations!!!

Many people suffer out of ignorance, even the wealthy elites who throng foreign hospitals in Europe and India in search of medical solutions that are right on our home soil. Our clinical experience has demonstrated beyond any doubt that ulcer wounds can be mitigated, amputation of limbs prevented and loved ones saved the pain and agony of avoidable certain death.
Let’s join hands together and change this ugly trend. Many ‘Tunde Alabis’ are crying out for help. Tunde’s crying went on for long unheard by many, and by the time we heard in distant Germany, thanks to the internet, it was just too late. He is a Nollywood veteran; imagine several unknown victims of this ailment, ebbing away in hospitals across Nigeria.
If our solution had been applied to Mr Tunde Alabi’s wound 3 months back, amputation would have been avoided by a chance of 80%.

Therefore, we are offering Anolyte Cleaning Solution for Free, yes you heard right, Free to the first 20 cases, to prevent amputation of limbs across Nigeria. These patients are part of our collective humanity. Our technical support is free from Germany. Send pictures by WhatsApp and we will support accordingly on a case by case basis. Response will be immediate as we have a structure in place in Nigeria.
The result is evident in 48hrs.

First 20 cases in Lagos and the South-West, based on logistic reasons, will receive this free medical assistance. Help will be extended to other parts of Nigeria quickly after this phase of intervention.

Please contact us on WhatsApp - +49 1521 3555107.


We are specialized in manufacturing medical vehicles for social purposes. The design gives priority to understanding the social function they are expected to accomplish..

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