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PEXI ambulances are engineered to take on urban conditions, as well as demanding environments and terrain such as deserts, mountain roads, jungles, and war-torn and crisis areas; PEXI has vast experience in successfully delivering ambulances which are highly equipped, with optimal safety mechanisms across the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Providing and delivering to specific requirements and operational environments have made PEXI, besides other aspects of our business, an ambulance solution specialist.

At PEXI, we understand the requirements of each of our clients, and with our knowledge of operating across the emerging and global markets, along with the consciousness of the environmental conditions of each market, country and infrastructure conditions, we offer the most economical, rugged and reliable choice of ambulances.

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Emergency Response and Advanced Life Support Ambulances

Our emergency response and advanced life support ambulances are equipped and configured to ensure patients are transported with all the support required for the type of emergency situation your paramedics teams may encounter. These ambulances are usually built on trucks or cut-away chassis or vans, and are primarily used for ambulatory care required within cities, airports, chemical plants, oil refineries or similar.

Field Ambulances

PEXI field ambulances are built to perform in the harshest of environments, from off-road emergency rescue units needed in the desert, rural or mountainous zones to first response in areas of conflict or unrest. Our vehicles have performed in every harsh situation they have been subjected to and provide basic care onsite and during the transport of patients to hospitals who are in need of advanced medical care.



We are specialized in manufacturing medical vehicles for social purposes. The design gives priority to understanding the social function they are expected to accomplish..

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