Ambulatory Surgery

This unit has an operating room and all auxiliary services for performing surgeries. 

Vast and well-equipped

The medical cabin is almost 15 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 2.8 meters high, and it is divided into the following areas:

  • Operating room (4.8 by 2.5 meters).
  • Surgeons’ sterilizationequipment and washing area (4.5 by 2.5 meters).
  • Pre-operative and recovery area (2.7 by 2.5 meters).
  • Locker room (1.55 por 2.5 metros).
  • Septic area (1.5 by 2.5 meters).

It is mounted on a two-axle and eight-tyre trailer hooked to a tractor-trailer. The vehicle has 14-caliber reinforced aluminium walls (except the floor, which is 20 caliber) without rivets or screws, just completely welded onto the trailer base and a highly resistant aluminium tubular structure.

The trailer has a hydraulic stabilization system (two studs in each corner) to avoid movement during surgerys, and two access ramps with handrail and landing in front of the doors.


The unit has the following equipment:

  • Universal mechanical surgical table, basic hydraulic, manual, operated by control devices for elevation, right and left inclination and kidney elevation.
  • Double mobile surgical lamp of halogen light with filters that guarantee cold white light without shadow projection.
  • Portable surgical vacuum cleaner for continuous suction with vacuum preselection, general surgery accessories, anesthesia, antistatic-wheel trolley.
  • Anesthesia unit with double-flowmeter system for oxygen and nitrous oxide with mounting station for two online vaporizers, mechanical antihypoxic device and support battery in case of power supply failure.
  • Fully equipped reanimation trolley with defibrillator/monitor.


Its inside consists of rounded corners to prevent dust accumulation. It has a high traffic wood floor, with an antigerm non-skid antibacterial phenolic resin base, which is panel-free to avoid filtration of liquids.

Laminar air-filtration air conditioning is for the whole cabin. For the operating room there is sanitary type air conditioning, with positive-gradient laminar flow and absolute filters. 

The furniture is coated with 100% smoothself-extinguishableantifungalantibacterial andwaterproof plastic material, which is detergent and solvent resistant. The surfaces and the shelves are made of steel and glass.

It is equipped with an autonomous electric power system to be able to work in remote geographic zones, and alternative connection to the electricity supply network, when it is available. It also has an intelligent power system to ensure constant power supply during surgery.

Medical Details

  • Wheeled venoclysis set.
  • Mayo stand.
  • Kidney-shaped stand.
  • 2 Pasteur stands.
  • Instrument cart.
  • Portable mercury sphygnomanometer.
  • Laryngoscope.
  • Respiratory resuscitator.
  • Double- capsule stethoscope.
  • Ultrasonic washer.
  • Self-generated steam sterilizer.
  • Thermal sealer for sterilization bags.
  • Transparent demising wall between sterilization area and recovery area to facilitate patient supervisión.
  • 2 stretcher trolleys for recovery area.
  • 2 wall-mounted sphygnomanometers.
  • Vital sign monitor.
  • Continuous suction portable vacuum cleaner.
  • High precision volumetric infusion pediatric pump.
  • 17-inch colour TV set.
  • VHS or CD player.
  • D-type aluminium oxygen cylinder with manometers, regulator, flowmeters, humidifier, cannula and mask, with wall support and fastening system with thumbscrew, charged on delivery.


We are specialized in manufacturing medical vehicles for social purposes. The design gives priority to understanding the social function they are expected to accomplish..

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