Primary and Dental Health Care

This unit is equipped with a cabin adapted as a dentist’s office and a general medicine office, whose total body dimensions are as follows: exterior length 5.80 meters, exterior width 2.40 meters and interior height 1.90  meters of space with overhang over the cabin.


  • Two medical offices with independent accesses.
  • Access through folding ladder with handrail.
  • Two sinks with water purifying filter.
  • Examination table.
  • Dental office tray-table.
  • Steam sterilizer.
  • Dental radiology unit.
  • Stomatological unit with integrated module.
  • Wall shelves in the medical office.
  • Vaccine storage refrigerator / freezer.
  • D-type aluminium oxygen cylinder with manometers, regulator, flowmeters, humidifier, cannula and mask, with wall support and fastening system with thumbscrew, charged on delivery.
  • Air conditioning/ heating with a cooling capacity of 3500 BTU and a heating capacity of 5600 BTU for both medical offices.
  • Retractable exterior awning with working tray-table.


Its inside consists of rounded corners to prevent dust accumulation. It has a high traffic floor, with an antigerm non-skid antibacterial phenolic resin base, which is panel-free to avoid filtration of liquids.

The furniture is coated with 100% smoothself-extinguishableantifungalantibacterial andwaterproof plastic material, which is detergent and solvent resistant. The surfaces and the shelves are made of steel and glass.

  • Chassis brand and type
  • Engine type
  • Simple or double traction
  • Common or reinforced suspension


It is equipped with an autonomous electric power system to be able to work in remote geographic zones, and alternative connection to the electricity supply network, when it is available.



We are specialized in manufacturing medical vehicles for social purposes. The design gives priority to understanding the social function they are expected to accomplish..

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