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Millions of people in the world die every year, victims of curable diseases, because they don't have health services within their reach. Also, due to the increase in natural disasters, epidemics, famine, refugee aid and military conflicts, the medical care will be provided with new challenges.

To provide a qualified and competent on-site help, we have aligned our mobile hospitals to the local practical needs, these are able to move quickly to any terrain, especially in the rural areas of Nigeria. The basic problem here is the lack of or destroyed infrastructure, which hinders the performance or the reconstruction of a hospital. For this reason, our mobile hospitals are designed to become quick operational and the ability to work independently. Mobile Hospitals are a choice for treating these people regardless of how far away they might be.


Medical Options

All of them can be configured specifying the following options:

  • Women‘s Health (Mother & Child)
  • Dental & Primary Healthcare
  • Ambulatory Surgery
  • Community Health Clinic & Blood Donation
  • Diagnostic & Screening.

Technical Options

We can fit the following accessories to the vehicle as you may require:

  • Air conditioning
  • Telecommunication antenna
  • Telemedicine equipment etc.

Mobile Hospital Medical Options


We are specialized in manufacturing medical vehicles for social purposes. The design gives priority to understanding the social function they are expected to accomplish..

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