PEXI Wrecker & Recovery

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Wrecker Trucks

PEXI wrecker and recovery trucks are built to last. Whether you need to tow a Mercedes or a MAN, our wrecker and recovery vehicles are ready to tackle everything.

Our vehicles are designed and manufactured to perform the toughest jobs both on-road and off; every truck is built with a commitment to detail, quality and customer service to provide the best value for your towing and recovery requirements.

Standard Carriers

Our standard carrier trucks are available from a range of 3 – 6 ton capacities with superior strength, stability and heavyduty hydraulics so that you can clear broken-down vehicles efficiently. Vehicles are built with steel and aluminium and are of various lengths to best suit your requirement.

PEXI standard carriers can be coupled with an underlift to maximise the efficiency of your vehicle; it allows you to tow multiple vehicles at one time.

Custom-built Recovery vehicles

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Heavy Duty Carriers

PEXI heavy-duty carriers are built with world class hydraulics and feature a knuckle boom crane to allow the operator to recover vehicles from different load angles and clear blocked roadways. Simple hydraulics allow for easy operator control and need minimum maintenance, ensuring a low cost of operation.

Standard Wreckers

The standard wrecker range is available from 3 – 10 tons, allowing you to assist with everyday recoveries and breakdowns. The ergonomically designed bodies provide ample storage and ease of operations, while simple hydraulics let you concentrate on getting the job done.



We are specialized in manufacturing medical vehicles for social purposes. The design gives priority to understanding the social function they are expected to accomplish..

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